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Today I went to see Blackfish in the cinema 🐳 I have been to Sea World many times as a kid, I am 98% positive that I have watched Tillikum perform, and I feel bad even though at the time I was blissfully ignorant. With time I realised how wrong and heartbreaking this is. I hope my parents would rather go to nature (and even spend more money in natural whale watching) than going to Sea World or a circus to see animals, at least that’s what I’ll do with my kids. I strongly recommend everyone to watch Blackfish - what an amazing documentary #blackfish #orca #killerwhale #fuckseaworld #seaworld #blackfishdocumentary #whale #emptythetanks #vegan #love thanks to @doctorginge and @mynamesgre for coming with me 💙 (at Renoir)